Indy gets a trailer

I’ve written briefly about the new “Indiana Jones” movie in the past, mostly regarding the silliness of the title and the questionable timing of the movie, seeing as it’s been 19 years since “Last Crusade” and Harrison Ford is in bad need of a good movie role.  I mean, I love Spielberg’s movies and all, but this just seemed like a pretty transparent cash grab.  However, I decided to suspend judgment until a trailer was released.

Well, that day was yesterday.  It’s only a teaser, and the first 30 seconds are devoted to reminding audiences about the character (like anyone needs to be reminded!), with some fairly lame and ill-fitting music.  What follows after that, though, is just terrific.



(A larger version of the above, together with hi-def versions in 480p, 720p, and 1080p, is available here.)

The man with the Fedora is back! I’m so there on opening day, May 22.

“Part time!”

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