Some more fun conversations

Just to set up this first conversation: we are trying to encourage potty training right now by offering “rewards.”  Jonathan gets some Smarties for using the toilet (he even gets a single candy for just sitting on it) and can even earn a prize–currently Magic School Bus books.  Emma gets two M&Ms.  We tried having her choose a prize a couple of times (trying to encourage Jonathan to follow suit), but then we realized that Jonathan just wanted Emma to get all the prizes so he could share them.  :)  Here’s his newest tactic:

Jonathan:  Yay!  She did it!  Mama, my baby doll went potty!  Now she gets to iron (earn) a Magic School Bus book.

Me:  No, she gets a hug.  Only you get to earn Magic School Bus books.  (I decided the baby doll’s reward was a hug since that didn’t require anything concrete.)  :)

Jonathan:  But Mama, my baby doll’s a person.  And I’m not.  And persons get to iron Magic School Bus books.

Me:  Maybe a pretend one.

Jonathan: No, I don’t want to bah-tend!

               (Tactic change)  Now my baby doll gets a Smarties.


For this next one, we have a conversation that occurred yesterday.  Bryan works at the temple for a couple of hours every week, but just had two weeks off while the temple was cleaned.  Yesterday was his first day back after the cleaning.

Jonathan:  Where’s Daddy?

Me:  He went to the temple.

Jonathan:  To the temple?  To get married?

Me:  No!  He already got married to me!  He went to the temple to help there.

Jonathan:  Oh.

I guess it’s a good thing that he already associates getting married with going to the temple.  :)


And, finally, the “Multiple Mom” syndrome:

Jonathan: Mom, Emma’s not obeying me.

Me: She doesn’t have to obey you.  You’re not her mom.

Jonathan: But I am her mom.  And I’m your mom.  And Emma’s your mom, because she doesn’t have another mom.

Hmm… Maybe he doesn’t yet understand what makes someone a mom (or dad).  :)  That would also explain why he told me this morning that Bryan’s his (Jonathan’s) son.  :)


You’ve got to love the way a three-year-old mind works!  :)

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  1. Haha, I loved the tactic change. I love it when kids’ thought processes are so transparent.

    Sounds like he’s really growing up!

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