Setting: Jonathan looking at a book written by a mentor and friend from our BYU years

Me: That was written by a friend.  He taught Mommy and Daddy before we were married.

Jonathan: And I’m not married.

Me: Nope!  You won’t get married until after your mission, right?

Jonathan: A missionary.

Me: Are you going to be a missionary?

Jonathan: Yep.  And then what?

Me: And then you’ll marry a girl and become a daddy.

Jonathan: What girl?

Me: You’ll have to choose.

Jonathan: (Pauses) My Annie.

Me: No, Annie’s your aunt and my sister.  You can’t marry her.  It’s against the law.

Jonathan: Against the law.  Like Aladdin.

Ummm… not quite.  Our law isn’t biased against poor people (who are otherwise perfect) and can’t be undone by a sultan (or Bryan) making a new law.  And, for that matter, as much as Annie loves you, I doubt she loves you like that!  But good try.  :)

3 Responses to “Marriage”

  1. i know he loves me. i am loved .

  2. and i love him too like i love my family and relatives :)

  3. that was hillarious. sounds like what kids say though. like one of us three girls said when we were little that when we grew up we would marry dad. :)

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