Halloween ’07

CIMG1670PrincessI think we finally have a Halloween that Jonathan will remember.  It wasn’t the trick-or-treating (since we only went to three or four houses), it was that he got to “pretend to be Spider-Man!”  “Pretend” is the key word (though he actually says “buh-tend”).  When I asked him if he wanted to be Spider-Man, he said no: he wants to be Jonathan.  :)  But he was happy to pretend.  A mask came with the costume, but he didn’t want it anywhere near his face.  However, it made a wonderful candy bag! 

Emma got to be a princess.  It was perfect–we just used her Sunday dress and added a crown (picked out by Jonathan).  Amazingly, we got the crown to stay on most of the time!  :)

Our Halloween “festivities” started with me dressing them up, then whisking them away to the Park and Ride to pick up Daddy.  Jonathan wanted to go a little early so we could walk around and look at the plants (read: overgrown weeds),  which ended up being a little interesting because Bryan’s bus ran a bit late.  :)  Here are the children waiting at the bus stop:


The Princess sat patiently a little longer than Spider-Man (perhaps because it was a lot harder for her to get on and off the bench).


Spider-Man decided to go dumpster-diving instead.  I guess it fits in pretty well with the second Spider-Man movie, right?

dumpster diving

When the bus finally arrived, we first headed to Publix, our local grocery store, for some in-store fun (and some groceries, of course).  It was here that Jonathan received his two favorite “treats”–an apple (yay for healthy treats!) and a small bag of toys–two or which are loud noise makers.  Emma discovered how to use one today…

Anyway, after that we went home and let Jonathan hand out candy while we cooked dinner.  He loved that part, and got very good at opening the door and saying “You may have two.”  :) 

After dinner, we went to a few select houses (they really didn’t need much candy!) and came home.  Jonathan got a kick out of trick-or-treating at our own home, too.  :)

Then we put Emma to bed and Jonathan got a special treat–he got to watch Spider-Man 3 with Daddy!  Well, some of it.  It’s a long movie.  About half-way through, Jonathan decided he needed a drink of water.  When he didn’t return, Bryan went to see what he was up to.  This is what he found (and yes, that sucker is sticking to our couch):


They finished the movie the next night.  :)

Yep, definitely a fun Halloween.  :)

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