A few thoughts about . . . Hairspray (2007)

Never have I seen such unbridled enthusiasm on display in a movie musical since Singin’ in the Rain. The actors seem to be filled with absolute joy performing their roles, and the songs and dances are so well staged and choreographed that it all feels effortless and natural.

I watched Hairspray yesterday with a male friend (who shall remain anonymous for his own protection – and yes, we’re both happily married), and although I initially wanted to bust out laughing in the first few minutes as we watched Nikki Blonsky perform “Good Morning Baltimore” at the mental image of two “manly men” taking in a PG-rated, teen-friendly musical, the feeling soon went away as I let myself get sucked into it.

When it was over, we both agreed that it was quite good.  I rated it an 8/10, but I feel that score creeping upward.  I’ve had the songs in my mind all day, and I honestly can’t wait to watch it again (this time with Cassia, of course).

Don’t worry – I’m currently re-asserting my masculinity with Live Free or Die Hard.  As for Hairspray, I’ll sum up my feelings by quoting another reviewer whose opinion I completely agree with:

“Even if you don’t like musicals, if this one doesn’t get your blood pumping, you’re dead.”

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