A glimpse of Jonathan

Looking back on our blog this past week, I have realized that my previous post "A glimpse of Jonathan and Emma" was (1) not really being read (probably because it was quickly followed by other long posts so it may not have been seen) and (2) exceedingly long.  So, I’m posting it again, but in two parts.  Here’s a "glimpse" of Jonathan:

What he’s learning:

    Work:  He has a "job" after meals. He takes his (and sometimes Emma’s) dishes to the sink. He also makes sure to put his bib on the table.  And he can help put away clean silverware (under supervision).  We’re still working on the cleaning his room part, though…
    The differences between people: He’s started to identify people as girls or boys.  Though he sometimes mis-identifies (like when he declared everyone but Daddy was a girl, or later when Emma was a boy), he’s starting to get this gender idea down.  But he still has a ways to go: he declared a few days ago, "I want to have a baby inside of my tummy. I want one more baby to go into my tummy."
    The biggest difference he’s learning, though, is "big vs little/baby."  It’s sometimes hard for him to figure out where he belongs, though.  I’ve been known to tell him he can’t do something (like use the stove) because he’s little, then demand that he do something (like clean up) because he’s big.
      Emotional control:  A little bit ago, when he was on the verge of a tantrum or something, we told him to take some time to calm down (either sit quietly or actually go to his room for a bit) and then tell us when he’s happy and ready to cooperate. I think it worked. He has, on several occasions now, sat pouting for a couple of minutes then, almost suddenly, looked up, smiling, and said, "I’m happy now." And then he’s been willing to do whatever he was refusing before. 
      Along with emotional growth, he is learning to compromise, and can usually share and take turns (thanks to Bonnie!).
      Potty Training:  This is actually a "not" doing.  He hates the toilet.  He hates dirty diapers, too (which makes it really funny to see him walk when he has one), but he really hates the toilet.  :(
      Story Telling:  His imagination is taking flight.  About a week ago, he decided he was a camel.  Which meant he wouldn’t stand up (so I humored him and "helped him stand").  Apparently camels also don’t need to go to bed or get in trouble.  They just stand.  I didn’t accept this, so he decided to move on.  More recently, he was a tiger.  Imagine his surprise when I told him tigers have to eat and sleep, too!  [This subject has also be touched on in a previous blog post, "We should have another baby."]

    Who he’s becoming:

      Sweet and loving: He is generally very polite and obedient. He says "Thank you" a lot.  After his first day in nursery here, one leader commented on how "polite" he was.  :)  Some fun stories:
            Once, he said "Thank you very much!" and then when I responded with, "You’re welcome," he corrected me–"Say, ‘You’re welcome very much.’"
                  A week or so ago, I stubbed my toe on the dinner table and let out a semi-soft "ow!"  Jonathan responded by reaching over to hug me, saying, lovingly, "Come here" (as I do to him when he gets hurt). 

                  A good big brother: He loves his sister.  Here are some proofs:
                    A few days ago, he heard Emma wake up and hurried to open her bedroom door to play with her until I could come.  When I got her out of her crib, he then announced he wanted "quiet play time"–which means they play together in their room, door closed (usually precedes nap time). Then, if she left the room, he would say, "Come here, sweetie."  (And she was happy to return.)
                        One time they both wanted chips. I gave her a small one and gave him two medium-sized ones. He then said, "Here, Emma" and gave her one of his.
                          He likes to make her laugh.

                          (This love of his sister is sometimes not as fun–such as when he continually climbs into her crib when it is nap/bed time and then falls asleep, leaving her little to no room to even lay down herself. We’ve discovered, though, that he doesn’t get in if she’s already asleep–only if he could play with her.)

                          Fiercely independent: He loves to choose.  It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is–color of plate or spoon, clothes, even which of the (practically identical) frozen waffles he may want for breakfast.  And along with this is also a need to do things by himself.  After he chooses his waffle, he wants to get it out of the box, toast it, put it on his plate, cut it up (though he usually lets me help after a little bit), and pour his own syrup (I’ve gotten him to compromise on this–we both pour together).  He also has a thing about being the one to open the garage door
                          In contrast to this, however, he always wants us to dress him (although he could almost always do it himself).  And sometimes he wants me to feed him (perhaps because I’m focusing on feeding Emma).  And he likes me to draw for him, probably because he has not yet developed sufficient coordination to draw the letters and numbers he tends to want on the paper (I usually do one or two for him, then tell him he needs to draw on his own).

                          His Likes/Dislikes:

                            Colors: His favorite color is red (though pink and green sometimes come second). 
                            Characters: He loves anything to do with Cars.  He also likes Spider-Man (especially Spider-Man macaroni and cheese).  He also likes most of the characters in the children’s movies we own (Aladdin, Lion King, Little Mermaid [yes, this kills Bryan], Monsters, Curious George etc.), but the first two are his favorites.
                            Toys: He loves his blankets.  He has three now that he likes to sleep with–and we have to be careful he doesn’t overheat because he loves to wrap himself up in them.  We’ve tried to wean him down, at least to two, but he wouldn’t have it.  He has also grown quite attached to "Mr. Snake," the old stuffed animal given him by Uncle Matthew about a month ago.
                            He also enjoys books, toy vehicles, and his "LeapPad" book.
                            Songs: He loves church songs, and sometimes makes this clear by loudly singing them at the store. I’ve had people comment on what a nice song "I Am A Child of God" is. No comments yet on the First Article of Faith song. :)
                            He does have some problems with "I Am A Child of God," though, when I want him to go to sleep and he doesn’t want anything to do with it.  That’s when he tells me to stop singing.  :)
                            Other favorite songs include "The Wheels on the Bus" (with our own special verses: Mommy goes "shh", Emma goes "EEE!", Jonathan goes up and down, and Daddy calls on the phone or something), "Popcorn Popping", "Ring Around the Rosies", and "Families Can Be Together Forever".
                            Other Likes: He loves letters. Emma loves eating letters. He doesn’t like her taking and eating his letters and toys. 
                            He also likes doing puzzles, and has become quite good at it!  Once again, though, this causes problems when Emma wants to join in.  And take the pieces.  And chew on them.  And then try to put them together herself.
                            He enjoys books. 
                            Dislikes: He is terrified of baths.  Rather, he is terrified of getting his hair washed.  Or cut.  And he doesn’t much like getting it combed, either. And he really doesn’t like the toilet.




                              This is one of the very few recent pictures I have of Jonathan.  He’s become very hard to photograph because he is always moving or wants to be on my side of the camera.  :)  Note the boxes in the corner–those are the decorations I still need to put up.  :)

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                              1. I read the whole thing when it was one, big mega-post! Your kids are so cute. I love Emma’s curly hair…what a babe! They’re both getting so big!

                              2. Thank you, Natalie. :) I must admit to over exaggerating a bit. The previous post had been read by a good number of people, but we noticed it had been missed by some others. And, when I tried to print it for Bryan’s missionary brother who can’t read it online and realized it was about 5 pages long on paper, I decided each child needed their own post. :) By the way, I love Google Analytics–it’s fun to be able to see who’s been reading our blog (by seeing which states/cities the views are from)! :)

                              3. Is Johathan afraid to go potty? I remember that when I was bathing David once I said, “OK, get out now before you go down the drain.” He would not have a bath for about a month–we had to do the sink thing. It’s hard to deal with sensitive children!

                              4. I’m not sure right now. He was for awhile, I think, but doesn’t seem to be now. And he really likes flushing it. He just doesn’t like using it. Hopefully that will change in the near future…. :)

                              5. On his favorite shows i remember when i went to your house, Cassia. We watched Lion King 1 to 2 times a day. i have a part in it memorized. :D
                                I also remember you needed to cut his hair and he was crying.

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