In denial

Jonathan regularly interprets the world as he would like it to be, not as it actually is. This often results in rather comical situations, where the obvious is plainly visible to everyone but him.

Take last night (Saturday, October 27), for instance. Jonathan hadn’t napped all day, and by the time we sat down for dinner at 5:45pm, he was fading fast. But don’t dare try to tell him that!

Eventually we got him to eat (that’s my hand delivering forkfuls of macaroni and cheese), but the poor child was so exhausted he nearly feel asleep several times in mid-chew. There were a couple of instances where I’d lightly touch his lips with the macaroni to get his attention. The first time he treated it as a mild annoyance. The second time . . . well, I’ll let you watch to find out:

Meanwhile, across the table from Jonathan, Emma was creating her own little kind of havoc. She’s recently reached the point of independence where she demands to feed herself her food, and will almost never accept it if it’s given to her by either Cassia or myself. The results are predictably hair-raising with foods like spaghetti, but even a simple stew-‘n-rice combination can prove quite formidable! Jonathan had shaken off his drowsiness by this time, and kept insisting that I focus the camera on him instead of his crazy kid sister.

Needless to say, both kids went straight to the bathtub after dinner.

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  1. Poor little guy!! That was hilarious and had Steve and me both laughing :)

  2. Your kids are so cute and hilarious. The video of Jonathan is especially amusing. Looks like your family is doing great!

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