A glimpse of Emma

And here’s Emma’s:

What she’s learning:

    Communication: She finally starting to make sounds I can recognize (or I’m finally starting to understand the sounds she’s making). She can say "mama", "ya" (yes), "nana" (for banana, her favorite food) and "hu" (for hug, said while hugging someone). And, recently, she seems to have started "dada" and perhaps even "shee" (cheese).  She can also sign "Done," as well as say "da."
    She is also really good at pointing to tell us what she wants, though she is getting more prone to frustration over her less-than-observant parents who can’t figure it out quickly enough (well, at least me).  And, as mentioned above, she can say, "ya" to let us know when we’ve finally figured it out.
    Obedience:  Well, kind of.  If she feels like it.  But she can follow simple directions, like "Go to Mommy" (she seems to understand "go" better than "come") and "Give me the book."  She has some concept of "no."  Sometimes she stops doing whatever we said "no" to.  More often than not, however, she just ignores us or does it faster.  Case in point:

      She loves to pull out CDs. And if I see her and say "Hey" she will change from gently taking one or two out and lining them up carefully to pulling down as many as possible, crashing them onto the floor. I’m trying to remember to quietly stop her instead. :)
      To Move: Emma’s mind is growing quickly, but her physical milestones are more apparent right now. She is now a pro at walking and can go up and down the stairs with ease(she has only fallen once, which is a lot less than I have, unfortunately).  She has also learned (from Jonathan, no doubt) to climb, which can be a problem when she hasn’t really learned to step down safely.
      Potty Training: She is actually better at using the toilet than Jonathan (though that’s not saying much right now).  In all fairness to him, though, I don’t think she consciously knows what it’s all about.
      Other Developments: As of today, she has 12 teeth–including 4 new molars (hence the eating everything she can fit into her mouth).  She also has an adorable head of curly hair, which is all to often styled by whatever she just ate for lunch (peanut butter sandwiches and pizza are especially colorful in her hair!).  And she has become quite good at drinking from a cup.  Unfortunately, she’s also become good at dumping her water when she’s done drinking so she can use it to "paint" the rest of her food.

    Who she’s becoming:

      Loving and playful: She loves her big brother and generally obeys his instructions. (Perhaps this is part of the reason he likes her so much.) :)  He is definitely her best friend.
      She also likes to give hugs, and will usually give one whenever asked.  And she loves to play peek-a-boo.  She actually started this on her own, pulling a blanket over her head.  Now she can use many more props, including her bib (which she gleefully pulls off as I am trying to get a bite ready, after just putting it back on her).  And, as of today, she has started saying, "baa" (boo) as she plays.
      Curious and adventurous:  She still hates to be left alone, of course, but she has become willing to venture out on her own a lot more.  This can get really interesting at church, as she has gotten quite good at escaping and exploring other people (and their purses).  She’s never wandered too far, though… yet.
      Adorable: OK, so she always was, at least in my eyes.  But she seems to continually get better at wrapping people around her finger. Her curly hair and sweet cheesy smile are instant successes.  She has let us know we’re in for it, though: a few weeks ago, Bryan looked down at her little cherubic face, smiley and framed in curls, and said, "You can be pretty on two conditions: [she gave him a huge smile at this] (1) you don’t let boys take advantage of you, and (2) you don’t exploit yourself [another huge smile]. OK?" On cue, she shook her head no. Oh, boy!

    Her Likes/Dislikes:

      Colors: She seems to have a preference toward pink and then purple (as I have discerned from her recent shirt choices). 
      Toys: She loves her special doll, "Eden," and can be (mostly) consoled by a babysitter when she has Eden.  She also loves all stuffed animals, and will often pick several up at a time and hug them.
      She also loves phones.  And if we won’t let her have the real one (which is almost always, to her great dismay), she’ll go find a toy one to pretend with. It doesn’t even have to be an actual toy phone for this to work–she’s used TV controls and other similarly shaped objects. :)
      Other Likes: She likes to look at books, though she doesn’t have a lot of patience when we’re trying to read to her.  But as long as I stay away, she will happily look through a book for a couple of minutes at a time.  :)
      Dislikes:  Not being understood!  Also, she doesn’t like having the best looking "toys" quickly removed from her.  And she especially hates getting her teeth brushed.  She doesn’t really like clean-up after meals, either, for some reason.  :)
              CIMG1558 CIMG1567
              And these are the more recent pictures of Emma.  Like Jonathan, she has become a bit too mobile for pictures (except when she is strapped into her high chair!).  Note the pizza sauce painted around her left eye in the first.  And you can also note the pigtails in the second–I’m quite proud of them!  :)

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