You know it’s humid when….

…your glasses fog up when you step out of your car. Seriously.

We arrived in Acworth during the hottest time of the year (record breaking temperatures), and during a “drought.” I actually started to get concerned for some of our plants/yard because we’d had only two or three mostly short rain storms. I was starting to wonder if the area was trying to make me feel more at home–and turn into a desert! :)

That changed about a week ago. I think we have had some kind of rain at least once a day for the past few days–yesterday it almost felt like a flood! (Now I know why the subdivision seems to have built their own little “lake”–the roads seem to direct all the water down to it.)

The added rain, of course, has also brought a bit of added humidity. Hence the fogging when I stepped outside last night. And the condensation that seems to REALLY like our car windows. And the little wisps of mist I saw dancing about my feet a couple of nights ago. It’s beautiful! And I’m getting used to the more odd aspects of it. :)

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