Pixar’s "Cars" is coming . . . in a stripped-down, single-disc DVD

This from The Digital Bits:

Anyway… the big news this morning is that Buena Vista has officially announced the release of Disney and Pixar’s Cars on 11/7. Strangely, the DVD is appallingly light on bonus material. You’ll get separate anamorphic widescreen and full frame editions (SRP $29.99), each of which is single-disc. Extras will include the Mater and the Ghost and One Man Band animated shorts, 4 deleted scenes, the Inspiration for Cars featurette and a preview trailer for Pixar’s forthcoming Ratatouille animated feature film. That’s it.

I’m positively floored by this news. All of Disney’s Pixar releases from Monsters, Inc. until now have been two-disc releases (and they’ve since gone back to give the Toy Story movies and A Bug’s Life their due) crammed with terrific extras. Cars is a technically fascinating movie, stunning to look at – and we’re not even allowed a peek at what’s under the hood (pun intended). What’s going on here?

Here’s this from the related Video Business article:

The studio chose to go with the bonus features most popular with consumers, senior VP of brand marketing and product management Lori MacPherson said. MacPherson noted that Pixar shorts have been one of the most popular bonuses with disc buyers.

“I think it’s the quality of the bonus features that’s really key,” she said.

Umm . . . whatever.

Is Disney returning to its misguided Eisner-era policy of issuing single-disc releases because two discs is somehow not "family friendly"? Is Pixar too busy with upcoming projects to put in a little more work into the DVD? Or . . . (my theory) is a double-dip for this title in our near future?

Perhaps Disney will surprise us with a fuller list of specs in the days ahead. But for now, my reaction is very much :x

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