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Father's Day 2008

Father’s Day 2008

I blogged about Father’s Day last year, so I guess I’ll make it a tradition by doing so again this year.

My best Father’s Day was also my first.  Jonathan was born in the evening hours of June 19, 2004, the day before Father’s Day.  I said then, and have repeated it many times since, that his birth was the best Father’s Day present I could have ever received – especially considering the fact that he was 3-1/2 weeks early and delivered by emergency Caesarean section because of Cassia’s sudden pre-eclampsia. […]

Playing with Daddy

Playing with Daddy

I must admit that “Daddy” has a magical touch with our children.  If I’m struggling to get Emma to eat, a simple “Emma, take a bite!” from Bryan will usually get her mouth open (and smiling).  And if Emma wakes up in the middle of the night, all Bryan has to do is go in […]

The sleeping bear awakes

One big disadvantage to being a full-time college student is that several times a year I am forced to go into “blog hibernation” while I hunker down and wrap up outstanding papers and projects before the end of the semester.  As I look over my post history for the past two years, things tend to […]

Stretching the truth

I have a major pet peeve when it comes to people and HDTVs. In last Saturday’s (09/22/07) Wall Street Journal, film critic Joe Morgenstern described that problem exactly (click here to read the full article). His words reassured me that it’s not a burden I carry alone. And I was greatly comforted. Wherever I go […]

"We should have another baby"

Before you get excited, this quote is not from either Bryan or me. It’s from Jonathan. Just after dinner. He followed it up with, "We should have the last baby." Bryan said that he and I will decide that. Jonathan waited a second, then said, "Is that a good idea, Mommy? Is that a good […]

Back to music

We are just about settled in, though we have yet to go through our "miscellaneous" boxes and decorations. Our new home has a few quirks we are dealing with (like some mismatched paint patches from the last tenant and some overzealous vines that are trying to take over our backyard forest), but it really is […]

Seven years later

Or 17 semesters. How about 80 courses? Maybe 206.5 credit hours sounds better. However you look at it, I have at last completed my BYU education. Of course, the numbers sound a little more ostentatious than the reality they represent. I earned two degrees at the university (in two entirely different disciplines, no less), and […]

Father’s Day 2007

I’m not what you would call a "Father’s Day" kind of guy. Oh, I don’t have a problem with everyone else honoring their dads . . . I just don’t like being the object of honor myself. I still have a long way to go in the fatherhood department before I feel worthy of any […]

Georgia on my mind

When I went to college in the fall of 1998, I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career. I graduated from high school with top grades and a scholarship at BYU, so the world was my oyster. But choosing a major was hard. I knew I wanted to make a lot […]

"Annual" Letter

"Annual" Letter

Dear Family and Friends, Since today happens to be the last day of 2006, I decided it was a good time to write our annual family letter (OK, so I’ll call it “annual” even though we all know this is the first one and it’s not guaranteed that I’ll have the next one ready at […]