We have a new home!

Well, we will officially be leaving Utah in 9 days now, and I have really been feeling stressed over the fact that we hadn’t found a place to live yet. But, as of yesterday, we have a new home. And it’s PERFECT for us! I’m soooo excited. :) That’s about all I wanted to write […]

Seven years later

Or 17 semesters. How about 80 courses? Maybe 206.5 credit hours sounds better. However you look at it, I have at last completed my BYU education. Of course, the numbers sound a little more ostentatious than the reality they represent. I earned two degrees at the university (in two entirely different disciplines, no less), and […]

Blog address change

This is just a slight issue, but it’s worth commenting on for those of you who now find your Beckman Blog bookmarks and RSS feeds don’t work anymore. I’ve changed our blog address from to simply I’ve also shortened the name of the blog itself to The Beckman Blog. So . . . […]

"Prep School" article in Marriott Alumni Magazine

The latest (Winter 2007) issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine features an article about the PhD Prep Tracks offered by the Accounting and Information Systems departments for interested Masters students.  For those who may be interested in what the program is like or its history of successful placements at top PhD programs, it’s well worth a […]

Georgia on my mind

When I went to college in the fall of 1998, I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career. I graduated from high school with top grades and a scholarship at BYU, so the world was my oyster. But choosing a major was hard. I knew I wanted to make a lot […]

The Break-in

At around 2:00am on December 14, I was awakened by the sound of loud, rhythmic banging, almost as if someone were throwing a basketball with great force. *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* *CRASH!* The final sound was definitely that of a window shattering. As I laid awake in my bed, trying to figure out what was […]

About comments

When I set up this blog nearly a year and a half ago (back when it was on Blogspot), I established a policy that all comments to it had to be moderated by the administrator – namely, me.  That policy still stands, and I hope you can all appreciate why.  The other day I checked […]

Welcome to our blog!

Ever since I had the (not-so)bright idea to launch a family website,, over a year ago, I envisioned it as being a place where Cassia and I (and our children, eventually) could post pictures, files, and maintain a blog to interact with the world. Well . . . things haven’t exactly turned out the […]