Homework is for girls. Let’s play Halo

Thanks to Cassia for bringing this article to my attention this morning. A story in the Deseret Morning News tackles the issue of smart boys who nonetheless struggle to maintain good grades in middle and high school. Two authors, William Draves and Julie Coates, have recently published a book, Smart Boys, Bad Grades, in which […]

Life lessons from Hannibal Lecter

Those wily movie sanitizers just won’t take "no" for an answer. According to the Deseret Morning News, some of them continue to do business under an "educational use" loophole in the law. Flix Club owner Daniel Thompson says the ruling isn’t a law yet Oh sorry, my bad. An "educational use" loophole in the ruling […]

I think the parents are compensating for something

From an article in Saturday’s (3/3/07) Wall Street Journal comes this head wag-inducing anecdote: In San Diego, Jacqueline Jones recently rang in her fifth year with a $1,000 mermaid-theme party.  The fête, held at a community pool, included a piñata, pizza, cake, juice boxes, customized goodie bags for 20 and a former beauty queen who […]

Don’t be a hater

I’ve stated in an earlier blog post that just because you read the newspaper doesn’t mean you’re smart.  I’ve read some pretty outrageous statements in the Readers’ Forum of the Deseret Morning News over the last few years, and no one emerges unscathed: liberal, conservative, LDS or not, I’ve seen some fairly prejudicial and just […]

Whence February 30?

Just this morning I was wondering why February has only 28 days.  I mean, why not add two more and borrow a couple from the months that have 31 days?  Every four years you could have a February 31 and not mess people up too much, since we’re all used to the 31-day month thing. Well, wouldn’t […]

Speculative and irresponsible journalism

After watching last night’s episode of "Lost" (still one of the best and most groundbreaking shows on TV – so there!), my wife and I tuned in to the local ABC affiliate’s 10 o’clock newscast.  Lead story: as if you thought the story of the Trolley Square shooter would ever just go away (oh, how […]

My God is better than yours

Just because you read the newspaper doesn’t mean you’re smart.  That’s what I discover day after day in the Reader’s Forum section of the Deseret Morning News.  Here’s today’s slap-upside-the-head letter, printed in its entirety from a reader whose name shall be kept anonymous for dignity’s sake: The news that Rep.-elect Keith Ellison of Minnesota […]

Richard Dutcher, a polarizing LDS filmmaker

Back when Richard Dutcher’s God’s Army burst onto Utah movie screens in 2000, marking a complete revolution in LDS cinema, I don’t think anyone realized at the time what kind of primal creative force had just been unleashed. Dutcher brought to audiences an unflinching, warts-and-all perspective of Mormon missionaries and LDS culture that some found […]

A matter of copyright law, not artistic expression

Okay, so it’s time for one more trip to the edited movie well. I thought I had written the last word on the subject, but as today’s Doug Robinson column in the Deseret Morning News demonstrates, this issue is still alive and kicking in Utah. Doug makes a few valid points, but he also falls […]