Another 2014 snow storm?!?

Monday, February 10, brought another winter storm warning.  Yes, another Monday, just two weeks after the last one.  This time the schools decided to take the opposite tactic from a few weeks before.  The storm was supposed to start Monday night and we knew by early Monday morning that all after school activities were cancelled.  By the time school let out they had already announced that there would be no school on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday were already off so we basically had an early and long break.

This storm was supposed to pose a greater risk of freezing rain so I decided to put in some effort and get our garage cleared enough to get the van inside, just in case.  (Or at least to move everything to one side so the van could fit on the other side.)

Thankfully, we did not have another snowpocalypse.  No second gridlock.  I didn’t have our whole family together as Bryan was in Malaysia through Saturday, but no one was caught away because of the storm either.  And what a storm it was!  Here is what I found Tuesday morning:

  IMG_1685 closeup


Um, yeah.  Not much.  And actually some parts around us hadn’t gotten any at all.

By Wednesday we had a bit sticking on the deck so the children played with that.


Making snowballs

IMG_1692 closeup

Emma with her ammunition pile


Kathryn ready for the cold.

But yeah, here is an outside shot.  Remember, this is the second day of cancelled school.  Granted, I don’t remember how the roads looked (I had no need nor desire to go anywhere).


But here is what we found the next morning.



If you look closely, you may see the reason for concern.  It wasn’t just snow.  The light snow dusting from the two days before had melted and then refrozen.  Then the new snow covered on top, sticking now because of the layer of ice under it.  We were still OK but some areas lost power thanks to ice-covered trees breaking and pulling down power lines.  I was quite glad to have no plans for the day!  And the kids were even more excited to play in the snow!


Again, Abby refused to wear anything heavier than her jacket. She didn’t stay out long. :)



IMG_1715 closeup

IMG_1713 closeup

I did have some friends lose power but thankfully they had it restored relatively quickly.  And things were definitely clear enough by Saturday midday for Bryan to make it home safely.  Yay!

I *think* that was the last of the snow for now.  It’s actually kind of funny to write this as the trees now look like this:


Amazing what a difference one month can make.

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  1. You are amazing! No nervous breakdown because of too many kids saying what shall we do now??? Thanks for the update. I always love your posts.



  2. Yeah, we don’t have an issue with boredom over here. Our issue is they have so much they want to do and are really good at leaving destruction in their wake… :D

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