February 2014

First of all (literally, the first day of the month), this happened:


Kathryn lost her first tooth.

It was knocked out.

Yep, knocked out.  Courtesy of Emma.

In Emma’s defense, she was aiming for Jonathan.  Not that that makes it any better…

Jonathan played tooth fairy for her.  :)


Other than the fact that the tooth was lost for a week, this ended up being a very easy lost tooth for Kathryn.  Not really any blood or nervousness or anything.  We didn’t even realize she’d had a loose tooth!

Her second tooth came out just under 3 weeks later.  It wasn’t quite as easy.  It was loose enough to hurt when she tried to eat but just didn’t want to come out, so I ended up pulling it out.  That was a little traumatic for her.  And much bloodier.  But thankfully she recovered quickly.


But back to the beginning of the month.


February 2nd

February 2nd brought a photo shoot for Aaron, to mark him turning 2 months old.  It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped.  Something about wiggly baby + toddler sister who wanted the attention on her.  But at least I got a few to share.  :)

IMG_1602IMG_1615 IMG_1627 IMG_1630


February 6th

Just a nice group picture op.  :)  I think Jonathan took this one for us.  And here’s proof that I’m not intentionally hiding from the camera.  :)



February 7th

Aaron started to really hold his head up!  :)



This may seem like an odd picture, but it represents a great milestone – we can finally fit a vehicle in our garage!  :)  I was able to put in the last little push to do this right before the February snow/ice storm.  It seemed a good time to provide a little more protection to our van.



February 12th

Aaron in one of Jonathan’s outfits.   IMG_1701

And here is Jonathan wearing it, 9 1/2 years ago:

Jonathan lifting chest

Jonathan lifting head

Two things from those pictures:

(1) My children look a lot alike.  Really, if I hadn’t told you those were two different children, would you have guessed it?

(2) Aaron was 2 1/2 months old.  Jonathan was 4 months old.  And yet they look about the same size.  I guess that’s what happens when one was born at 36 weeks and the other at ~39.  Amazing what a little extra gestation time can do!


February 14th

Valentine’s Day was very low-key.  School was out and my Valentine was on the other side of the world finishing up a business trip.  But Aaron was happy to share his smiles!  :)



February 18th

The children made their own Valentine’s cards this year.  Here are Kathryn’s cards for her two teachers.  :)

Valentine’s cards were delayed this year thanks to Atlanta’s second snowstorm of 2014, but they still got to exchange cards once school started again on the 19th.IMG_1757

And here’s a classic from Jonathan.  To me.  I think he brought it around 10:30pm.  And the biggest irony was that after he delivered this to me, he then needed help with something that kept us both up another half hour.  :)



February 19th

More Aaron smiles! IMG_1759 IMG_1764 IMG_1765 IMG_1762


February 20th

I often go back to bed after I get the school-aged children on their buses.  Usually Abby comes right to my room as soon as she wakes up.  But this day, Abby let me sleep in.  As soon as I entered the kitchen I figured out why.  Yep, she was perfectly happy taking care of herself.  :)



February 23rd

And finally, two more of Aaron at almost 16 weeks old – this time in a new Sunday outfit, a great hand-me-down from a good friend of mine.  :)

IMG_1787 IMG_1798

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