Thanksgiving Protest

I found these notes again while going through some old papers.  We don’t have all of them anymore, but here is a snapshot of my children’s Thanksgiving protest.  It started with Jonathan’s class doing a project where they “disguised” a paper turkey because it didn’t want to be eaten for Thanksgiving.  Jonathan covered his in toilet paper, like a mummy.  Then these notes started popping up around the house:

"I don't like plucking and stuffing!"

"Mom: Emma says, "If you get a turkey, no more 'I love you' cards!"

"Instead make macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving!"

"Both: Please, please, please no turkey!"

And my personal favorite.  Or not favorite, as the case may be:

"For Mom: I thought you don't like killing. Do you? 'Cause with a turkey it's the same thing."


For the record, we did still have turkey, and the kids did like it.  Jonathan later told me he thought we were going to actually catch and kill a turkey ourselves, so when we bought some turkey at the store it wasn’t as bad.  But still…

Emma, however, has declared she is a vegetarian.  Except for hot dogs.  She still likes hot dogs.  (Though I have never actually had her turn down dinner over this.)

And, because it goes somewhat along with the topic of this post, here is Jonathan’s take on the food pyramid:

Fruit, drinks, vegetables, grains, meat, then treats.   Interesting.  Though I’m actually pretty surprised that meat and fruit weren’t switched.  :)

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  1. We grew our own Chickens once and killed them and ate them. That was some good Chicken!! As for the Food Guide Pyramid, I have my own version as well… but it is based off of the Word of Wisdom. :) Your kids are so cute!

  2. This is so funny! Good luck raising these little free thinkers!

    Much love,


  3. Gramma – Thanks! Some days I feel like I need some luck… :)

    Mandi – I don’t think I’m up to that. I get sad if I have to kill an ant. :) But I like your version of the food pyramid. Which reminds me – Jonathan just gave a talk on that on Sunday. I’ll have to find it… :)

  4. I had a cousin who was a vegetarian who ate hot dogs. :)

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