Miscellaneous March 2012 (first part)

Maybe I’ll do a part two later, when the month is over.  If I get some other things to share.  But I didn’t want to wait until the end of the month to share what I have thus far.  :)

So here are some miscellaneous pictures from the past two weeks:


Sunday Service

Bryan leaves early for meetings on Sundays and I get the children ready and meet him at church.  This Sunday I was taking care of Abigail upstairs and came down to find this:

Jonathan and Emma had decided to put together a nice breakfast.  We’d had watermelon cut up from the night before, but they washed the grapes and strawberries, removed the grapes from stems, and cut the tops off the strawberries.  And they got everyone’s favorite cereal.  And added the milk for us.  And Emma even got Abby’s food out for her.  It was really cute!

And when I came down I actually found just Jonathan – Emma had taken a break so she could take Kathryn downstairs to play with her so Jonathan could finish.  Very, very sweet.  And the food was delicious (even if the cereal ended up being a little softer than normal).  :)


Time with Daddy

That same afternoon I happened to catch this:

I didn’t get the camera quite in time, but they had the song book open.  Emma wanted to read the words to the song “I Am a Child of God” and Bryan was helping her with the ones she couldn’t remember and/or figure out.  Seeing that made my heart melt.  :)


Kathryn the Big Sister

Kathryn loves Abigail!  On this day she really wanted to read to Abby.  She had me put Abby on the beanbag (don’t worry – I was watching!) and she brought a fairy picture book and “read” to Abby.  Definitely another “heart melt” moment.  :)


Bunny is what?

Jonathan decided he was going to do a magic show, so he made posters.  Lots of basically identical posters (as identical as you can get when each is hand drawn).  And they are now plastered all over our home.  Here’s one:

Notice that last bit?  And see how it is circled even?  Sounds right in line with a magic show, but not exactly what I want to see happening with his stuffed animal.

He’s still learning spelling.  That says “Bunny is cute.”  I read the poster out loud and he corrected me.  I don’t think the other even crossed his mind.  Thankfully.  :)


Project Completed

Our home is coming together, slowly.  I finally got our family pictures up.  I saw the “Family” frame and thought it would be fun to use it with the other pictures, but finding good frames for those (that would match and at not too steep a price) proved difficult.  Finally found some at Costco.  And now they are finally on the wall.  I like the way it turned out.


The Family frame has some “through the years” photos.  We decided to keep them black and white because I still can’t quite figure out how to get pictures to print with the proper colors (not too dark, or too red, or too blue, or too washed out…).  It think it turned out rather well.  :)

I also like this design because the children’s area can expand as needed.  The family picture display in our old home wouldn’t have worked with a fourth child.  I guess it’s a good thing we moved.  :)


Identity Swap

Jonathan and Emma had hat day last Friday.  I was greeted to this as they got off the bus:

They’d swapped hats, jackets, and even backpacks (though you couldn’t tell the last one since theirs are actually identical).  I think they started with the hats out of silliness, then continued.  Definitely made me laugh when I saw Jonathan!  I had to convince him to keep them on until we got home though – he started to take it off when we were almost home, I think because he was feeling more and more embarrassed.  Funny thing was that Emma didn’t really look out of place, but Jonathan sure did!  I’m glad he was good enough a sport to let me take the picture.  :)


Emma’s Second Lost Tooth

Yep, she lost her second tooth.  This morning in fact.  And ironically, as she was standing in the corner for a time out.  She actually didn’t notice it until at least half an hour later as she was doing her hair, I think, and we had to go back and look for it.  She was so proud!  (She’s outside in the pictures because the lighting was better there.)


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  1. Again, you have surpassed yourself. The children are wonderful, and I like your picture arrangement. Please keep on taking pictures and sending them!


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