Abigail at 7 months

Today Abby is 7 months old.  Wow time flies fast!  I meant to write a 6 month update, but then it was 7 months.  And then I started to write this 7 month update on her actual 7 month day (the 6th) . . .  Yeah, time flies.  :)

Here are some pictures of Abby from last week:


Some fast facts about her:

She enjoys pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo.  She also likes the “Happy Family” and an “I love you” song I sing and tends to calm when I sing “I Am a Child of God” and “Families Can Be Together Forever” (though that calming could also be because I sing those while rocking her or swaying…).

She has found her thumb and can very quickly soothe herself with it.

She no longer sleeps everywhere.  This has been a big adjustment for me because for a while I didn’t have to plan around her naps – she’d just sleep in the car seat or wrap (even at playgroups!).  But not any more.  Which makes church fairly interesting.  But at least she likes her crib!  She especially enjoys her mobile.  It’s actually gotten her to stay on her back a little longer as she usually immediately rolls onto her stomach when I put her in bed.  So much for sleeping on her back.

She likes to reach for and hold toys.  She’s started to chew on them, which actually bothers Kathryn a lot.  Kathryn was not happy to see Abby with a frog bath toy in her mouth today.

She has eaten squash, sweet potatoes, apple and blueberry, cheerios, kix, soft banana chunks, and mango.  Funny, because I remember being surprised when I was told it was OK to give Jonathan cheerios when he was even older than her and here she was having them as one of her first foods.  Yeah, my parenting has definitely changed over the years.  It’s quite convenient though.  :)  And she absolutely loves the cereals!

She is petite thus far and is just growing out of 3-6m clothes.  I don’t know her current stats and am not quite sure where I put the paper with her 6 month check up stats so I guess the height and weight report will have to wait.

She holds her chest up well and does the “superman” pose a lot.  She has mastered rolling from her back to her front and usually does it almost immediately when she’s put on the ground.  That makes diaper changes interesting.  :)  She is good at the compass move (turning around in a circle much like the needle of a compass).  And she has pulled herself forward toward a bowl of cereal (and then dumped it), but she won’t replicate that for Daddy yet.

She vocalizes – sometimes soft and cute, sometimes not so much.  I remember at least once she let out an ear-piercing happy screech.  I am so glad that hasn’t become normal!  :)  She tends to become more “chatty” when she’s tired.  We know she’s about ready for a nap when she’s vocalizing a lot and the skin behind her eyebrows turns red (eye rubbing usually follows those two).

She doesn’t like baths.  She really doesn’t like baths.  She’s not too fond of tickling either.  I sometimes get a smile but usually get a semi-smile complete with a look of “I really don’t know what to think of this” mixed with a look a terror.  Those tickling sessions don’t last long.

She loves to be held or carried in the baby wrap I wear.  She tends to get mad when I put her in the car seat.

She is very good at showing her excitement – smiling, eyes open, arms moving, breathing more quickly…  She gets excited about food, toys, and someone (usually mommy) coming into the room.  She is also good at showing her disappointment if the food doesn’t come fast enough, the toys are too far away, or mommy doesn’t pick her up.  She definitely knows what she wants.  :)

She is well loved by her siblings.  They all love to feed her cereal (and Emma has even ventured into baby food) and have argued over who gets to play with her.  Jonathan and Emma set up a “baby school” a few weeks ago, complete with a toy corner, an “outside play” (her jumperoo), some books, etc.  Very cute.  Emma especially loves to take care of Abigail and often asks to hold her.  I’ve caught Emma talking to Abby and calling herself “Mama.”  That’s weird.  She told me that she’s just pretending, of course.  But it’s still weird.  :)  At least I know they all like their sister!

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  1. Such a pretty girl! And it sounds like she is progressing well. Still in petite clothes–hmm. Well, we have all sizes of people in our family. My grandma Irene was very small.

    I do so love to read about my great-grandchildren. Thank you so much.


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