Reflections 2011

My children entered Reflections this year.  Let me just say that dealing with Reflections as a parent is a whole lot different than dealing with it as a student!  I guess it’s the same way with all school-related things, but it really stuck out to me this time as I tried to walk the balance between helping my children understand what the word “Diversity” meant and how it could relate to something they’d make for Reflections while still not affecting the work of art they would come up with.  Especially hard when I had to explain it probably about 20 times.  It’s a pretty big concept for Kindergarteners and 2nd Graders.  In fact, I don’t think they have it yet as Jonathan just announced yesterday that Parmesan cheese shows diversity because it starts out white and turns orange when on spaghetti sauce.  Yeah, not quite.  :)  The instructions encouraged a bit of “out of the box” thinking (listing possible diversity ideas in other ways than racial or social) so that’s what they tried to go with.

Jonathan and Emma really wanted to enter in multiple categories this year.  Jonathan wanted to do film, literature, and visual arts.  Emma wanted to do dance, music, photography, and visual arts.  We kind of ran out of time.  But they both got in a visual arts submission.

Here they are:

"Flowers Picture" by Emma

Each had to give an “artist statement” about how their artwork relates to the theme.  Emma said hers shows diversity because the flowers are different colors and the “queen” has lots of colors on her petals.  (I can’t quote her exactly though because I don’t have her statement right now.)

"Peek-a-Boo Animals" by Jonathan

Jonathan said, “Diversity means that something makes something different and better.  Like my drawing.  My drawing shows diversity that animals are different from each other.  Like the jelly fish and squid.  One animal is very, very small and the squid is really, really big.  Like the spider spins webs and the elephant has a long nose.  And the squirrel climbs trees and finds acorns, the monkey just climbs trees and finds bananas.  And a camel just gets its food from its hump, the big things in its back.  And the authority devil gets water from dripping on its back.  Also plants in the desert are different.  And the habitats the animals live in are land, ocean, desert, and forest.  The desert is very, very hot.”

I was surprised a few weeks after submitting these to receive a notice that our family was invited to a Reflections breakfast.  Each child was honored with a medal and the winners were announced.  I was even more surprised to learn that Emma got 2nd place in Kindergarten and her drawing is now moving on to the next level.  Granted, that is probably partly due to the fact that there were only 3 or 4 Kindergarten entries for visual arts in their school.  :)  But it’s still pretty neat.

Here are some pictures from the breakfast/awards ceremony.  The camera I had struggled with the school’s lighting (and I struggled taking pictures with 2 little ones still with me) so they are kind of blurry.  But still fun.  :)

Emma just after receiving her "2nd place" medal

Emma examining Jonathan's medal. They got to stand together for a bit after Jonathan got his.

A professional photographer took a picture of all the reflections artists for their yearbook. I didn't have the same photography clout, but I could at least get a picture of them looking at the photographer. :)

Showing off their pictures. I like how Kathryn wanted to be included too with the little coloring page she'd just received. And I also like the fact that she's holding it upside-down. :)

This is what I got when I said, "Smile!" Kathryn looking away, Emma giving a good smile, and Jonathan going crazy. Yep. Those are my little ones. :)

The last picture also shows Jonathan’s smile after losing his two front teeth a few weeks ago.  I have a silly Christmas song running through my mind now when I look at him.   :)

Oh, and just to be fair to all children (well, all that currently create art that I’m happy to share on the blog), here is a sample of Kathryn’s artwork, complete with Jonathan’s explanation to his teacher as to why it was on the back of his homework:

For those who don't yet read "2nd grader" this says "Sorry, Mrs. Simon. My sister who is a 3-year-old colored on my homework."

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  1. Congratulations for their awards! That’s exciting. And I can’t stop laughing about Kathryn drawing on Jonathan’s homework. That is hilarious!

  2. They are all such beautiful children! Since I don’t get to see them, every picture seems like they have just shot up! I think one reason children have a problem understanding differences is that they just accept everyone for who and how they are, without our prejudices.
    Love to all of you! Gramma

  3. Wow! That’s amazing! I love how creative Emma and Jonathan are! (And Kathryn of course! (:) I miss you guys so much!!! My friend also entered the reflections contest! Love you Cassia!

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