Kathryn’s 3rd Birthday

This is Kathryn at 9:30pm, long after her older siblings had gone to bed.  She’s enjoying her birthday dinner of chicken alfredo and broccoli – pasta and broccoli, two of her favorite things to eat.  :)  Unfortunately I don’t have any cake or present pictures today.  Why not?  Because of this:

She fell asleep around 4:45pm and was out cold.  She’s been refusing to nap lately and pair that with also refusing to get to bed at a decent hour (while also getting up in the morning with her older siblings) and you’ve got a very tired little girl.  But it’s still ironic that she finally did this on the one day that she needed to be awake!  :)  Needless to say, we’ve postponed the birthday celebrations to tomorrow.  And thankfully she did get herself to sleep soon after eating.  That was a big shock to me – I thought she’d be up all night, especially given how bright-eyed she was!

For any who may be itching to see Abby, though, here is a quick picture:

Abby is definitely well-loved around here.  :)

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  1. Kathryn is such a doll! and OOH I looovveee Emma’s hair ! and Abigail is so darling, Cassia! (: I wish I’d been there to see her!

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