Jonathan’s birthday party 2011

Sorry I’ve kind of fallen off the face of the planet blog-wise.  Life has been kind of crazy lately.  :)  I decided just to go ahead and get a few posts up, as rough as they may be.  It’s better than trying to do them a year later (like my last post – oops)!  :)

So – on to Jonathan’s birthday.  Jonathan loves birthdays.  As usual, he presented us with a very complete birthday plan this year.  We then offered some revisions, came to an agreement, and went ahead with the rest of his plan.  I think he did a pretty good job putting together a fun party.  :)  Here are some highlights:

First, no party is complete without good food planning, right?  Jonathan not only gave us a menu for his lunch party, he decided to post the menu by the front door for his friends to see.

We didn’t end up making the peanut butter sandwiches though – the hot dogs and macaroni and cheese were popular enough on their own.  :)

His guest list was a smaller one, which is kind of how we do it around here.  I have to admit, even with just three friends the party got plenty busy for me at times!  Good thing my little ones don’t expect anything bigger.  :)

Here they are enjoying the “birthday bouncy”



Candy/egg hunt (in place of the pinata as I realized the day before the party that the pinata Jonathan had made for it was a very strong cardboard box – given how long it took us last year to break apart the paper bag, there is no way we were going to try a box pinata!)

Chocolate cake with mint “frosting” and a dragon picture (I’m really quite proud of this)

Lighting and blowing out the candles

Monsters, Inc. movie time

Jonathan was very happy with his party and said he wanted to do it the same way next year.  :)

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  1. Cassia, you are a miracle to be willing to do this in your condition. The party looks great and fun! And the cake–You should have kept it and frozen it–such an artist!



  2. That dragon is great! I had no idea you were such an artiste.

    Jonathan’s spelling is pretty impressive for his age too.

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