Family update and first half of summer 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve really done a good update.  This won’t be the time, unfortunately.  But I’ll try to touch on some of the big things in our lives and add in some fun pictures as I can.

The last couple years were rough as we went through a long period of unemployment as Bryan worked to transition from his schooling to a “real” job.  Rough, but sweet too as we were able to witness miracles that allowed us to stretch our means much farther than we’d thought we could, and often “just make it” to the next infusion of funds (which often came unexpectedly).  Then in November 2010 Bryan was able to start work as a software trainer and finally attain the “real” job we’d been seeking.  What a blessing the job has been!  Bryan has a mix of working from home and traveling and is able to merge his skill with computers and his love of teaching/training.  This is definitely the perfect job for him right now, and we are so grateful that we were given the ability to hold out until it became available.

In March we started to feel like we should start looking at homes in the area.  We didn’t really plan to make the leap quite yet as we are expecting another little one in August (the month our lease would end or be renewed) and didn’t think it a good time to add in a move.  But we slowly started looking.  Then in May we felt a need to intensify our search.  We found what, of the options available, was a best-fit home for us and made an offer… only to learn the bank wouldn’t allow the sellers to sell the home for the price they had listed after all.  It was devastating and we were back to square one.  Then, less than a week later, another home was listed, one that was a truly perfect fit for our needs.  Because of the preparation our past experiences had given us, we were able to jump on it and are now in the purchase process.  We close on August 1st and as far as we can tell the process is going smoothly.  Here’s the home from the front:

So I am excited and going a little crazy right now.  :)  I’m in the process of packing and trying not to get too overwhelmed between that and the knowledge that we’ll need to try to make the home we’ve been living in for the past 4 years look as pristine as possible for our landlords.  I’m also quite pregnant now and that is making it even more interesting.  I’m trying to convince little Abigail that she doesn’t want to come until at least 39 weeks along so that we can be moved in to the new home first.  We’ll see if the message gets through.  :)

On the kids:

Jonathan is as creative as ever.  Pictures still top his list of “most frequent creations” but legos are becoming a popular medium as well.  He is also becoming quite good at reading and writing, at least in my opinion.

Emma is joining her brother in the creativity department.  She also loves learning and has been known to ask me for “homework.”  She especially likes working on writing her name.  She is also very fond of music and enjoys sitting at the piano and “writing songs.”  I love watching that.  :)

Kathryn is definitely not a baby anymore.  Though we’re still working on clarity, she has definitely exploded in the speech department.  Bryan says she has yet to develop a brain to mouth filter – she often talks almost non-stop and definitely seems to say whatever is on her mind.  And she is quite fond of doing things for herself.  Today she was adamant that she be allowed to make her own peanut butter sandwich, and I must say she actually did a fairly good job.

And Abigail is growing well and, as far as we can tell, is perfectly healthy.  :)

A friend requested a profile shot a while back so I obliged.  This is me about 3 1/2 weeks ago, at 32 weeks:

I definitely feel bigger than I remember feeling with the other two girls.  Just goes to show how different each pregnancy can be I guess.  :)

With the craziness of life I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures.  But here are some of the few we have, just to give a glimpse into our lives right now –

Jonathan proudly displaying his grape and toothpick creation

Kathryn “displaying” hers (which really ended up meaning covering her eyes with her hands – oh well)

And Emma displaying hers

Jonathan and one more creation

Our new “pet” – a Venus Fly Trap.  This picture was taken by one of the children, which goes to show that this is an important feature in our home to them.

An Emma picture – she apparently thought her cookie important enough that it needed to be documented.

Our family’s annual participation in Chick-fil-A’s “dress like a cow” day.  (Note Kathryn’s expression.  She was actually pretty terrified of the big cow and that’s about as close as she would let me get her to it.)

Jonathan’s lego “habitats.”  These are three distinct animal habitats (with doors separating them) – an ice area for polar bears, an ocean for a shark, and a nice forest for a horse.  He’s been developing an interest in different animals and their habitats.  :)

And that’s about it for now.  :)

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  1. Wow! Beautiful house! Cassia, I appreciate your sending me these blogs so I can keep up with your family. I worry about your move just when you don’t need all that work. Try to take care of yourself. The pictures are great.



  2. How exciting to be taking the leap into home ownership! It sounds like things have worked out in the best way, and the house looks beautiful.
    I totally understand about packing/moving while you’re pregnant, especially at the end of the pregnancy. I was six months pregnant for this move and eight months pregnant for my last move. Last time, I was so worried that the baby would suddenly come before we were ready; this time, I worried less about that and more about not being able to get anything done because I’d be worn out/sore/achy so easily. That also explains why my house isn’t all the way unpacked yet. But I hope things go well for you and that little baby Abigail is patient!

  3. I hope Abigail gets the message too! The house is beautiful and I’m so glad to hear about Bryan’s job. Relying on the Lord for so long (and for so much) can be very challenging for those of us who like to do everything ourselves. I’m inspired by your example!

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