Easter 2010

We had a pretty low-key Easter this year.  Since the week following Easter was spring break, we ended up doing the spring/Easter stuff on Monday.  I might want to keep that.  I liked that we could talk about the real meaning of Easter separate and before the candy part.  (Though I did have one friend make baskets almost entirely out of non-candy, non-toy items, including scriptures.  That was kind of neat.)  And of course that kept the kids from being too candy-crazed during General Conference.

Our spring part of our Easter celebration started with an Easter egg hunt.  We’ve slowly been collecting eggs over the years and got a good-sized infusion from the ward Easter party a week before so we had a ton of eggs.  I think I counted around 80.  I hid them around the downstairs of the house while Bryan and the kids read books upstairs – some in obvious places, some a little more hidden for Jonathan (and Emma, if she could find them).  Then we had Kathryn come down on her own.  Given how timid she was at the ward party and how, um, exuberant Jonathan and Emma were, we feared Kathryn wouldn’t have a chance to find any eggs herself if they were unleashed together.

We’ve now learned something – Kathryn loves finding Easter eggs.  And she’s pretty good at it, too.  She went right to work with no encouragement needed.

For perspective, these pictures were taken in about three minutes from the time she got downstairs.  And those last two?  Yeah – that was an egg I didn’t think Kathryn would see, let alone reach.  At this point we called Emma down (with Jonathan a minute or two later) – otherwise they wouldn’t have had a chance!  :)

It was harder to get clear pictures of Jonathan and Emma.  They didn’t exactly hold still well.  And once they came down, it was harder for Kathryn – she still saw plenty but couldn’t get to them quite as quickly as her siblings.  So maybe it was a good idea to have her go first after all.

Kathryn wasn’t the only one who surprised me with her reach.  This egg had been put there with Jonathan in mind – I had no idea Emma could reach there!

This was a fateful egg for Kathryn – it was the one she dropped and discovered had candy inside of it.  The fun of finding eggs then faded away into the fun of eating candy.  She was hooked.

The last few eggs were well hidden and required the older children to do a bit more searching (like inside of the push along toy in the background).

Amazingly we were able to tear Kathryn away from eating the candy to find (i.e. pick up) the last hidden egg.

And then commenced the general egg opening.  Except that we were mean parents and only allowed them to choose a couple of eggs – the rest are still being rationed out so they don’t OD on candy.

Here’s Kathryn lapping up the jelly beans in Bryan’s hands.  Sometimes literally (though I missed getting a picture of that).

Ah.  Here’s a clear picture of Jonathan!

And Kathryn hoarding eggs.

Here’s a kind of rare picture of me.

Kathryn searching for more candy.

And begging Bryan.

And more begging, while we called Mom and Dad Beckman.

Which reminds me, after the Easter egg hunt we opened the Easter package sent by Bryan’s parents – complete with candy, stuffed animals, and toy flowers.  The kids were in heaven.  Thank you, again!  :)  (And I’m sorry I forgot to take pictures of that!)

I do think I realized why so many pictures are usually taken of Easter egg hunts – if done on Easter they also show off pretty Easter clothes.  Maybe next year I’ll think of that and make sure everyone looks a little more picture friendly.  :)

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  1. Thank you. I love it! Gramma

  2. Looks like the best Easter ever! Plus, it brings back happy memories of my own Easter egg hunts. Also, where did all of your babies go?!! Jonathan and Kathryn especially look so much older.

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