A boy and his dog –

Max (Jan 2010 maybe) sm

"Jonathan has a dog. His name is Max. I ride the dark blue bus. I am five. Red is my favorite color."

Jonathan brought this home from school about a month ago. What a sweet picture of him playing with his dog Max! I’m pretty sure they are playing ball (as indicated by the lines).

In fact, he loves Max so much that he decided to make his recent animal report on dogs:

He's also obsessed with holidays - especially Christmas and Halloween. Notice Santa coming down the dog's chimney.

He also loves holidays, especially Christmas and Halloween. Note that Santa's coming down Max's chimney. That dog has quite the dog house!


I know some of you are surprised and wondering, “When did they get a dog?” Well, Max has been with us for a while actually. I think it’s been at least four years. (Shh! Don’t tell our landlords!)

Here’re some pictures of the dog himself:

Max on bed sm

Max resting quietly with Penguin, Cookie Monster, and Mr Snake. Jonathan took this picture.

And here's a clearer one of Jonathan with Max (courtesy of Emma).

And here's a clearer one of Jonathan with Max (courtesy of Emma).

Yep. Max is Jonathan’s beloved stuffed animal. But Jonathan’s imagination is not beholden to such details. Max is a part of the family and can make an appearance in the car, during family home evening and/or scripture study, even as a dinner guest. (But I won’t let him stay for dinner – he has to wait outside the kitchen. I’m mean, huh?) And not only does he join us for important events, but we get to enjoy more “important events” of them because of him – we get invited to celebrate Max’s “birthday” every other week or so. :) (Birthdays are another subject Jonathan talks a lot about, along with gift giving).

I just hope Jonathan doesn’t decide to tell his teacher about Mommy and Daddy throwing Max up the stairs or something like that. I’m pretty sure his teacher doesn’t realize Max’s status. :)

Max isn’t the only pet Jonathan talks about. He really wants a pet – a real pet. Unfortunately he has parents who very much don’t want pets. So he improvises.

The next most commonly discussed “pet” is Burke. Burke is Jonathan’s bird. He first named her soon after we moved here and discovered birds in our back yard. Now Burke visits frequently, though she often changes her appearance. But whenever we see birds in the yard Burke is always among them. She’s also six years old, for the record. But she hasn’t visited for a while because of the cold. So she’s temporarily been replaced by these beauties:

Jonathan drew, cut out, and taped his together. Then he realized Emma didn't have one so he made one for her, too. Very sweet. Emma's kind of makes me think of something Egyptian though...

Emma's reminds me of Egyptian writing.

Jonathan drew, cut out and taped his bird and cage together. I was impressed that he actually made separate parts instead of just drawing it all together. After he put his together and hung it Emma got a little sad she didn’t have one herself. So he made another one for her. He’s sweet like that.

So we have birds in our living room. I’m actually amazed Kathryn hasn’t yet ripped them down and eaten them. Hopefully her disinterest continues.

So we have a dog and some birds. We also have quite a few bears, Isis the cougar (Emma’s favorite), two penguins, Luslie the cat, Mr Snake (as shown earlier), and a multitude of other pet friends. I think our home is pretty full. :)

And to add to it all, Jonathan and Emma turned themselves into cats this evening. Complete with crawling, loud meowing, claws and claw sound effects. (Emma’s was “Shhhing”) At least they were nice cats. I’d hate to think what claws that made those sounds could do to our couches.

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  1. What a wonderful child! I can hardly wait for Emma and Kathryn to get older so that I can read some of their thoughts. Love, Gramma

  2. Poor Emma. She does plenty of cute things, but for some reason the posts I finally remember to do don’t feature her. I need to fix that.

    Here’s a glimpse, though – this morning she wanted to watch a movie and I told her she had to clean her room first. A few minutes later I find her sitting on her bed playing with her “alphabet computer.” I remind her she’s supposed to be cleaning up the puzzles. She responds, “But Mom, I’m learning!”

    I joked to Bryan that it sounded bad – “Emma, stop learning! You need to be cleaning!” Though I could argue that she needs to learn to clean. :)

  3. Hehe, I remember Burke! and several others of those :)

  4. […] Back in March I wrote about Jonathan’s desire for a pet.  This topic was renewed again in May as the children were playing outside.  We’ve long known about the birds, rabbits, and squirrels that run around this area, but this particular day we discovered some new resident wildlife in our own yard. […]

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