Hot dogs

So, I don’t like hot dogs.  I’ve been that way for a while.  I don’t know what it is – maybe the texture? – but I just really don’t like them.

My son, however, loves them.  And he’s noticed that I don’t like them, and that therefore they don’t make the dinner menu.  We only have them when at a party (like the ward Trunk-or-Treat).

This has led to some interesting conversations.  Like this one:

Jonathan: sigh

Me: What is it?

Jonathan: (wistfully) I wish we could have hot dogs at home.

Or this one:

Jonathan: Mom, when you’re a grandma, will you like hot dogs?

Me: No, probably not.  Because I don’t like them now.

Jonathan: Oh.  When I’m a grandpa, I will like hot dogs.

He’s never been rude about it, or questioned me beyond curiosity.  He really does seem to understand that I just don’t like them.  But his sweet pleading has worn on me.  So when we did the most recent meal planning, I let the children pick a few meals.  Jonathan’s first pick, of course, was hot dogs.  So I put it on the calendar for what is now tomorrow.  I picked up the much-desired meat and buns during my shopping trip on Saturday.  I was in the middle of putting food away (well, actually taking care of Kathryn, who had distracted me from the food for a minute) when Jonathan came up to me, all grins.  In a voice that bespoke excitement and incredulity, he said, “I saw hot dogs on the counter!”

Me: I know, Jonathan.  I got hot dogs so we could eat them on Monday, just like you wanted.

Jonathan: (small, excited laugh in response, then pause) But where are the buns?

Me: They’re on the counter with the other groceries.  They were just hiding.

Jonathan: (all grins again) Oh!  (another laugh)

Since then he has been very excited about Monday.  This fact was reinforced during dinner prayer tonight:

Jonathan: …Thank thee that we’re having hot dogs tomorrow.  Even though I don’t know what Mom is going to eat.  Because she doesn’t like hot dogs.

Bryan and I couldn’t hold back our chuckles.  :)

And, just now, as Bryan was reading a Little Critter book to Jonathan, Jonathan pointed out – “Look, they’re eating hot dogs!  Just like we will tomorrow!”

Wow.  Who knew simply deciding to have hot dogs would make such an impression?  :)

3 Responses to “Hot dogs”

  1. I loved this. I’m sort of a closet hot dog lover. I like to say that they gross me out because they kind of do. (Texture and who knows what’s in there) But there’s something about how they taste that gets me. Especially if it’s a CORN dog. Heaven help me. :)

  2. Hmm, the prayer is definitely my favorite part. At least he didn’t ask for you to be forgiven for your sin of hating hot dogs.

    I share your non-hot dog loving status. Although I tried kielbasa this summer and thought it was quite tasty.

  3. How freaking cute! See. Thats why you need to move back here! I will babysit your kids and hotdogs can be their aunt chelsey treat. :) Just to give you a hard time… :)

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