6 months old already

Wow.  Time is flying fast for me – it’s so hard to believe my baby is already 6 months old!  Her personality is maturing so fast.  She’s still generally happy, but now she’s added an intense curiosity, too.  She gained some real mobility (being able to roll from back to front as well as front to back) about a month ago and has put her rolling skills to “good” use.  Meaning that I need to baby proof again.  Unfortunately, I’m not so sure how I’m going to “baby proof” her siblings (and the things they like to play with and/or give her)… but that’s another story.

Kathryn has also recently gone from “happy as long as I’m being held” or even “as long as someone’s in the room” to “happy as long as I am being entertained by a toy or a person.”   This development includes a case of the wiggles, making meetings (church and otherwise) and diaper changes much more difficult.  The progress here is exciting but a little taxing on me.  Life has been getting more and more crazy around here now.  :)

And finally, she is stepping up the teething.  While she’s been steadily getting more oral and enjoying pressure on her gums over the past few months, the past few days have brought an abundance of drool and an increase of spitting up, as well as some down right cranky baby “tantrums.”  We got a little laissez-faire with the burp rags over the past little bit when her spit up petered off, but they are coming back into heavy use again now.  :)

As for her physical growth, she appears to have grown about an inch in the past month, putting her at 26.5 – 27” long (still about 75-90%, or about the size of an 8 month old – the measurement isn’t exact because measuring a wiggly baby is not very easy!) and now weighs 16 lbs, which is just about what is “expected” of a 6 month old.  So she is staying pretty consistent on the “percentiles”.  :)  She’s in a funny in-between area clothes-wise as there are still a few 3-6m clothes that fit her while there are a few 6-9m clothes that she has almost grown out of (though those oddities are due to the brand size differences – but it’s still weird!).  Most of the 6-9m clothes are filled nicely, though, and it does look like she could be moving up into 12 m clothes in the near future – which is a very good thing since that’s where the majority of Emma’s spring clothing were.  :)  Also, she has officially outgrown her infant car seat and was moved up into the convertible seat a few weeks ago ago.  I already miss the convenience of keeping her asleep when I take her out of the car.  :)

Here’s the now-mandatory baby doll picture:cimg3248

Here’s an effort to put the baby doll pictures together:


Disclaimer: I did my best to make them the right comparison sizes (based on the doll that I cropped out), but I think I messed up somehow because the 6 weeks one looks a little too big (and the one I left out – the 5 month – looked even bigger than the 6 month for some reason… but I promise she really did grow… maybe baby doll is growing?).  :)

I  must say that it has become especially tricky to get these pictures now that she moves so much.  To illustrate this point, here are some of my efforts before teh above 6 month picture:


You may have noticed a bit of a foot in the top of one of those pictures.  That was Emma.  She wasn’t too happy that Kathryn was playing with her baby doll and definitely filled the part of protective “mother” during this photo shoot.  :)

And here’s a cute “sleeping baby face” picture of Kathryn:


I have much more to blog about: Jonathan and Emma hiding from the camera, our family vacation, new family photos, the children’s newfound involvement in FHE, Jonathan’s preschool graduation, and our current toy strike with the children… but all that will have to wait until I am able to do another post.  :)  For now, I hope you enjoy these fun baby photos!  :)

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  1. Thanks for all your updates on the children. I don’t know how she does it, but Kathryn gets prettier and prettier. Love, Gramma

  2. That last picture for some reason reminds me of caelyn. :) she’s a doll!

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