LOST in time

It’s become somewhat of a perennial event for me to put up a short post about LOST at the start and finish of each new season.  Can’t break with tradition, now can we?

I don’t need to waste your time gushing over the show.  Those of you who know me well also know that I’ve been a “true believer” in the show from the beginning, even during the rocky patches of Seasons 2 & 3, when seemingly odd and random events occurred that I just knew would be explained someday.  Maybe that someday is this season, which is the penultimate one for the show.  With only 34 episodes left to explain everything, they had to start providing substantive answers sometime, right?

Actually, that isn’t fair to the show.  We’ve been fed a constant stream of answers from the show’s very beginning, and about midway through Season 4 last year I got this queasy/excited feeling that we were about to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes, to borrow a phrase from another highly influential sci-fi phenomenon.

So, to prepare us for tonight’s two-hour premiere, I thought I’d post a few videos about a particular character.  You know, for no reason at all.  (Wink, wink.)  These videos do a pretty good job at conveying the essence of the show’s intrigue, and they’re trademark LOST moments.

Meet Dr. Marvin Candle:

Meet Dr. Mark Wickmund:

Meet Dr. Edgar Halliwax (note that there are two instances of the word “hell” in this clip):

More about The Orchid:

I wonder if this character will have anything interesting to say tonight.

Yes, I wonder.

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