Kathryn at three months

Kathryn has been growing so fast.  She is actually fitting into 3-6 month clothes, which shouldn’t be a shock given that she turned three months a week ago–but it still feels like she is growing way too fast!  :)  She is generally a very happy baby.  In fact, when she first wakes up, she is almost always all smiles.  The biggest exception to this “happy baby” temperment would be her sudden crying fit while Bryan and I were trying to enjoy a date at the movies.  We got a raincheck.  :)

Here are some pictures that illustrate how big she’s getting:

On Christmas morning - 3 months, 5 days

Just home from the hospital - 2 days old

Today - 3 months, 8 days old

4 days old (I tried to make the baby doll similar in size for the two pictures)

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  1. Oh good. I have been waiting to see some recent pictures of Kathryn. She HAS grown! I love the 3 month age. They are big enough to have some personality and resistance to some of the bugs going around. Pretty girl. Love, Gramma

  2. wow! SHE”S SO CUTE!!! :) I love Kathryn Jonathan and Emma!!!! :)

  3. That chocoholic video is hillarious…”okay, Mom.” It’s great to see Kathryn thriving and growing. Good stuff!

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