"Pretty dresses"

Emma loves dresses.  She will only wear shorts or pants if she has no dress or jumper available.  And, of course, her favorites are the ones she only gets to wear on Sundays.  :)

Here is her old Sunday dress.  When I realized she’d grown out of it, I had to hide it to get her to stop asking for it.


This next one was the first dress that Emma declared to be a “pretty dress.”  It’s also a favorite, and also getting too small.  Fortunately, we’ve extended it’s “life” by adding shorts underneath.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t do much to help stop it from getting tight.  Good thing we were recently able to get a few more dresses for her!


And here are two of her current dresses.  She has two others, but I can’t seem to remember to take a picture when she’s wearing them.  Thank you, Grandma Kofoed and Grandma Beckman for the birthday money that made it possible for us to get these for her!  :)



And by the way, Baby (shown above) also loves dresses.  And she loves wearing Emma’s jumpers.  Unfortunately, the jumpers don’t really stay on her shoulders very well.  Emma found the solution a few days ago, though, as I was washing and organizing Kathryn’s clothes.  I emerged from the laundry room to find she’d made off with a tiny jumper and was carefully dressing her baby.  I think I’ll have to watch carefully if I don’t want the clothes continually disappearing!

(PS–Much apologies to Jonathan as neither of these pictures is very flattering for him.  I can rarely get a picture now in which they both look good at the same time.)

3 Responses to “"Pretty dresses"”

  1. I loved the last comment about Jonathan. I didnt even notice it until you said that then I took a second look and got a little giggle. :)

  2. What a darling! I love that she loves to be so girly. Gosh, she looks so grown up–and just like her mom!

  3. On the pictures with Jonathan, I even tried cropping the one with the three of them. Unfortunately, any cropping effort left Annie with a portion of a face, and that looked rather funny itself. I decided that Jonathan looking silly was not worth doctoring the photo into an even sillier looking one. :) But if it gives you a laugh, then it’s definitely worth leaving in, regardless! :)

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