A shameless plug for Netflix

Consider yourself duly warned.

I believe that for all but the most infrequent movie watcher, online rental services like Netflix and Blockbuster Online offer the best value for the money.  My allegiance lies with Netflix at the moment, for reasons I’ve explained previously, and every so often they try to entice me with free movies if I get one of my friends to try the service.  I’m not quite brazen enough to e-mail everyone on my contact list with a plea to join Netflix, but recently I got an offer in the mail that appeared easily adaptable to a website such as this.

Here’s the gist of it: Netflix normally offers a free two-week trial of its service to prospective subscribers.  Admittedly, that’s not a lot of time to enjoy all the company has to offer.  In addition to its speedy DVD-by-mail service, all subscribers enjoy unlimited access to the company’s selection of over 10,000 movies marked as “Watch Instantly,” which is great if you’ve got a fast Internet connection and don’t mind watching movies on a computer screen.  (It is worth noting that Netflix and Roku recently launched a $99 set-top player that connects directly to your TV.)

Well, if you’re referred to Netflix by a friend, that two-week trial magically turns into a one-month trial.  Free movie rentals for a month isn’t bad at all, even if you have no intention of continuing with the service.  I’ve been given four priority codes to hand out to whoever I choose.  All you have to do is go to this site before June 15, 2008:




And enter one of these codes below:

  1. M68793587935
  2. M65796547925
  3. M61797547955
  4. M66795547965

What’s in it for me?  Well, for every person who signs up for a free trial, I get a voucher for an extra movie from my queue.  So it’s a win-win for all of us.

Don’t worry – I’m not about to start putting ads on my site.  I just wanted to put this out there for those who might be interested in trying out Netflix but needed a little extra incentive to do so.  In any case, I recommend trying out both Netflix and Blockbuster Online to see which one suits you better.  Different strokes for different folks, that’s all.

If you decide to use one of these codes, please add a comment so I’ll know to strike it from the list.  And if you’re reading this after June 15 and still want to try Netflix, just drop me a line and I should be able to hook you up with the one-month trial deal.

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  1. Update: One of the codes has been claimed. However, the claimant has yet to identify himself/herself or (at the very least) point out which code was used. It may very well be the first one, but there’s no way to tell. If you don’t have success with one of the codes, try any of the others . . . then post a comment here identifying the two for the benefit of others.


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