Friday afternoon worship service

Jonathan and Emma have a habit of not napping.  In the past they would play for half an hour to an hour, then fall asleep (we’d call this "quiet play time," although it wasn’t always very quiet).  But recently, with the growth of Jonathan’s imagination and Emma’s ability to interact with him, this doesn’t always work as well as it used to.

Such was the case a week ago.  Bryan and I were in the room next door when we overheard the following:

Jonathan: "Good morning brothers and sisters.  We’ll have ______ (made-up, non-English word) and ________ and then we’ll sing."

Bryan and I looked at each other in amazement and tried not to laugh too loudly.  But we didn’t expect it to continue!

Jonathan: (Sings a made-up song.) "Good morning brothers and sisters.  We will have a talk and then sacrament."

(Pause) "Emma, you get the water and I’ll get the bread."

(Pause) "OK, here’s the bread.  I’ll tore the bread.  Here."

(Pause) "Emma, here is the water…. OK Emma, we’ll have this bread." 

(Then he says a little prayer.)

"Emma, do you want bread? 

"Emma, here’s bread. 

"Emma, eat your bread. 

"Emma, go take the bread."

Emma: "No."

Jonathan: "We eat bread."

Emma: "No."

Jonathan: "Yes.  One…two…three…four…five…six."

[Oh, great, I think–he’s trying to punish her into taking the sacrament!]

Then, "Emma, I’ll be Jesus."

[Bryan and I looked at each other, eyes widening.]

Now trying to "reason" with her, "Emma, when you don’t eat your bread, that makes Heavenly Father and Jesus sad…." (long pause)

"Emma, it’s time to go home."

Then we listened as his conversation moved away from church things to things at home.

So, we learned two things from this: (1) Jonathan has paid more attention to how Sacrament Meetings work than we had realized, and (2) we have to really watch that he doesn’t try to parent his younger sister!  :)

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  1. Oh Wow! Personally i don’t really pay attention to the speakers and yet someone younger than me does! but every now and then for some reason my ears seem to hears the cool stories. Like when heavenly father and Jesus told a man to move a bunch of things and when he did something bad happened where they used to be.
    . .

  2. I laughed out loud while reading this (Morgan thinks I’m crazy). It makes me so excited for when my boys can play together instead of Dashiel just pushing Myles over and then saying “Mommy, Baby crying”. Good luck keeping up with nap times, I hope you do just so I get to hear the great stories.

  3. You have some of the funniest kids ever. It is good to know that at such a young age they start to understand church.

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