A little downtime

Those of you who tried to come here sometime in the last 24 hours were probably greeted by a lovely text message indicating an error connecting to the database that (just coincidentally) forms the backbone of this Web site.  I only noticed it myself when I tried to access the site at around 11:00pm (it’s too bad most hosting providers don’t contact you when their equipment fails), so I placed a quick call to tech support to report the issue.  Thankfully, WordPress had generated a much more specific error message than the vague statement that appeared on our home page, so I was able to report the address of the exact server that was down.  The tech told me that my report had been sent up to “second-level engineering” and that the problem would hopefully be fixed within the next 24-48 hours.  **sigh**  That’s great, but I want my site fixed now!  Well, whattaya gonna do.

Thankfully, it looks like we’re up and running again this morning.  The Web page calls are pretty slow, however.  Kudos to my provider for at least restoring access while they work out all the kinks. 

We hope to be back at full speed soon!

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