Tree huggers

Jonathan’s been quite fascinated with the trees in our backyard lately, particularly concerning their lost leaves.  He talks about how the wind took away the trees’ leaves, and how that was very rude of the wind.  Well, last week, as I was trying to get him to eat his lunch, he declared the trees were sad because the wind took away their leaves.  Then he decided that we all needed to go outside after lunch to give the trees a hug.  Literally.

It was a pretty cold, windy day, but Jonathan was undeterred.  He first had to hug “his tree.” Though before he could do that, he had to decide which was was “his tree,” then figure out how to get close enough to hug it.  :)  (We have a bit of a “forest”–lots of little plants and bushes in the way of the large trees.) 

Once he’d chosen and hugged “his tree,” I suggested going back in the house.  No, we couldn’t do that yet!  We had to hug the other trees, too.  They’re sad, too.  Poor trees!  :)

And that’s how we (Jonathan, Emma, and myself) became tree huggers.  :)

4 Responses to “Tree huggers”

  1. I love it! You guys should live out here with us :) Jonathan would have plenty of tree-hugging friends to play with.

  2. We’re filling out our membership applications for the Sierra Club as we speak. Hey, if radical environmentalism brings us closer to our children, why not? :)

  3. Your children are so darling. It is amazing what they come up with. I am constantly amazed with their creativity and energy.

  4. That was sweet. The sort of thing you should encourage.

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