Problem:  Kindergarten is a full school day here. 

Possible Solution: Preschool (so Jonathan gets used to the idea of going to school).

Guess what?  Georgia has a free “Pre-K” program to better prepare 4-year-olds for kindergarten

Problem: Pre-K is a mandatory full school day, too.  If parents pick children up early or drop them off late too often, they’ll be kicked out of the program.  And, according to the Pre-K website, not being in the program, and therefore not readied for Kindergarten, may cause school to be more frustrating and leave your child with few social skills (OK, so the website actually said the opposite would be true if they did go to Pre-K). 

So, to me it sounds a lot like Pre-K is “the new Kindergarten”.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Kindergarten supposed to help children get ready for the schooling to come? 

Oh, and for those who’d like their children occupied for a little longer than the full school day, you can request an extended program. 

As much as I’d love a few hours break (though it may not be as much a break with Emma awake!), I am NOT ready to send Jonathan off to a full school day just yet! 

But then again, we’ll see how I’ll feel by mid-summer.  :)

3 Responses to “Preschool”

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you, Cassia. I’m a big advocate of children having time to be children and learn through interaction/experimentation in a non-classroom setting when they are that young. I cringe when I see some of the five year olds at our school spend eight to ten hours a day there.

  2. Hello friends! It made me and Joel so happy to see you and Bryan comment on our blog! It looks like you’re having a lot of fun out there in the southeast. And your kids are so big!! I think Emma was a tiny baby last time we saw you. Crazy.
    We should definitely keep in touch now that we’re connected through blogs. I know Joel would love critiquing movies with Bryan; he’s missed it!

  3. Hey! Sounds like you and your family are doing well. I totally agree with you on the pre-school issue. I even have a hard time spending all day at school, let alone a four year old! I enjoy your blog…keep up the good work!

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