Scene: Jonathan running around the room in a circle

Jonathan: “Look Daddy, I’m making a circle.  Like a cinnamon roll.”


Scene: While I’m tying Jonathan’s shoelaces, he reaches over and starts untying mine.

Me: What are you doing?  (Not in a very patient tone — it had been a long day)

Jonathan: “Untying your shoelaces.”

Me: *Sigh*

Jonathan: (finishes, pauses, then says) “You should tie yourself.”


Scene: Well, I don’t remember this scene.  I think I was preparing dinner, though.  We’ve been working on counting.

Me: How many children do I have?

Jonathan: Two.

Me: That’s right!

Jonathan: Daddy and me and Emma.

Me: Good!  Except Daddy’s not my child.  He’s my husband.

Jonathan: No!  He’s my husband!


By the way, he often declares that Emma is his baby and she is my sister.  And apparently I can’t love Daddy because I love Annie.  And Daddy loves Jonathan.  (And no, I have no idea why Annie keeps coming in to the discussions, other than the fact that he loves playing with her.)  We’re still working on the idea that love can be given and received by more than one person.  :)

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  1. SO funny. I love hearing new isms from Jonathan!

    [In reference to this comment on her blog:]
    (And nope, they weren’t E.L. Fudge. They were better, if you can believe it!)

  2. I have no idea of why Jonathan brings me in the discussions, But i still like hearing your stories Jonathan is so cute!

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