Jonathan sings, Part 5

This one will go down as a classic in the Beckman family video archives for many years to come. Most if not all of you are familiar with the “silly” version of the “Happy Birthday” song, with its biting comment (no pun intended) that the recipient looks and smells like a monkey. Well, Cassia decided a while ago to keep the monkey comparison but to change the terms a little bit. Unfortunately, the changed words haven’t quite “stuck” yet.

Watch and enjoy.

3 Responses to “Jonathan sings, Part 5”

  1. I loved ALL the videos! Emma and Jonathan are such special kids. I enjoyed watching Emma figure out those pants – what a smart girl! I was also impressed with Jonathan’s overall on-key singing. Too cute.

  2. Hey Mommy, good trying to change the words to the monkey song, but as soon as he is around other kids he will sing it their way. I still can’t believe he can carry a tune that well. Gramma

  3. Yeah, but I can still try. Hopefully some of the things I teach will stick. :)

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