Emma knows lots of words now–bear, water, down, done, Mama, Daddy, yeah, no, mine, door, potty, bowl, etc.  But lately everything has been “baby.”

“Emma, what do you want?”


“Emma, what are you doing?”


“Emma, what is that?”


“Emma, do you want more or are you all done?”

(half the time) “Baby”

You get the picture.  It’s become a lot harder to communicate when the only answer we get from her has nothing to do with the question.  :)  Bryan has responded to this a time or two with, “Emma, having a baby won’t solve life’s problems.”  She just smiles and says, “Baby!”  :)

This baby fixation has led to a few problems with Jonathan, though.  We only had two baby dolls, and both had become “Jonathan’s” (one was mine originally, the other was bought about a month before Emma was born).  Jonathan didn’t want to relinquish his rights (“Hey, that’s mine!”) and Emma just wanted those babies.  :)

That all changed yesterday.  Emma got a baby doll of her very own, as well as a tiny stroller and “magic bottles”.  She was in heaven.  That baby doll may as well have been glued to her–she wouldn’t go anywhere without it!  She even got mad when I took it away for a few minutes to strap her into her car seat or to dress her.

Bryan is amazed at her “maternal instinct” as she carries the baby around everywhere and keeps trying to feed it (granted, she’s carrying it by the neck half the time).  He says she is just like a real mother–you should never separate a mother from her baby!  (I responded with a side comment that I love babysitters.)  Then he said this makes me a grandma.  I think I’m a little young to be a grandparent. 

Of course, that’s what “Grandpa Kofoed” thought when we announced Jonathan was coming… :)

Oh, by the way, guess what the baby doll’s name is.  “Baby,” of course.

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