You know you’re a parent when…

Reader Discretion Advised for general ickiness [Bryan: But parents of young children will understand.]
**OK–so I think I scared people away with that note. I promise I didn’t write anything bad! :) But those who are a little more sensitive to the messes you must deal with when you have a child (Jake, that’s you) should be forewarned**

…you are willing to smell each piece of clothing and stuffed animal that has been strewn over the floor to check for poop.

Well, my claim to fame yesterday may just be that I cleaned up a poop mess. Emma and Jonathan had "quiet play time" and, as usual, were tearing apart their room. When I went in to get them, I smelled the tell-tale "used diaper" smell. Then I was horrified to be able to identify the culprit by sight. Emma leaked. Right up the back. And it had obviously been smeared somewhere. And there were clothes and stuffed animals and toys all over the ground. Lovely.

I tackled the child first–diaper change, clean-up, then both children were brought into the kitchen to eat. Then I turned my attention to the room. I tried to slowly work my way through it, checking each toy/book/clothing item carefully for signs of ickiness. I confiscated 4 soft toys that smelled suspicious (including her favorite doll, Eden, unfortunately) and cleaned up the rest. Luckily, I found only two poop spots. One on the floor (glad for Carpet 409), the other on the bookcase, where the poop had been scraped off her back when she sat down a little too closely to it (glad for Lysol wipes).

I finally got it all cleaned up, got the room well enough aired out from the Carpet 409, and got the children down for a nap (which took them about an hour to start, of course). I’m finally done, right? Almost. As I go into the bathroom to gather the confiscated toys (I tried to hide them–especially Eden–when I put Emma down for her nap), I notice something dark in the toilet. At some point while I was trying to clean up, one of our sweet children decided to put Emma’s night shirt (well, the shirt she was borrowing from Jonathan) into the toilet.

At least it had been flushed, right? :)

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  1. eeeeewwww!!! Would you believe that your blog is the SECOND one I’ve read today with a poop story??? Simon had a pretty big blow-out a couple of days ago, too. Maybe it’s the change of seasons? All I know is that it takes a lot of love to clean up someone else’s poo.

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