"We should have another baby"

Before you get excited, this quote is not from either Bryan or me. It’s from Jonathan. Just after dinner. He followed it up with, "We should have the last baby."

Bryan said that he and I will decide that. Jonathan waited a second, then said, "Is that a good idea, Mommy? Is that a good idea Daddy?" I teased Bryan, saying, "Maybe he knows something we don’t."

Bryan then decided to see how much "prophesying" our little boy can do. Here’s what we’ve learned:

We will have a baby girl and name her Jonathan (and by the way, everyone has become a girl, including Jonathan and Daddy). We will all live to be old, but Bryan and I will not be together. Why not? Well, I will "go into a computer" and Bryan will marry a computer, as well as Annie (my sister). And we will have a baby Jonathan and a baby Emma and a baby Annie and everyone will marry in a computer.

Oh, and if you are still wondering why this even came up, I think it’s because I’ve told Jonathan that his best friend Kyson just got a new baby sister, so now he has two baby sisters. When I told him that, Jonathan said we should have another baby sister and she should sit at the table and eat with us.

And by the way, our car "went into the table and growed into a baby car." And, starting yesterday, Jonathan can randomly become a camel. And camels don’t have to go potty or obey or go to their rooms. They just stand there. Except Mommy said they do have to do all those things. Not even camels get a free pass.

3 Responses to “"We should have another baby"”

  1. LOL… He is such a funny little guy. And please let us know if any of his prophesies come true :) Especially if you go into a computer.

  2. HA HA HA! C’mon…not ready for another one just yet…? And I mean I guess if Ashley can be a boys name…Jonathan could be for a little girl ;) Love you guys!

  3. Maybe… but two with the same name? That might get just a little confusing. Then again, Jonathan did start requiring me to call him “Jonathan Matthias” yesterday, so maybe he’s ahead planned for this…. :)

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