Indiana Jones and the Really Silly Movie Title

Okay, so the just-announced title of the fourth "Indiana Jones" movie isn’t that. It’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. No joke.


The title rolls off the tongue okay, but every time I read it I have to pause for a moment and get over the ridiculousness of it. It simply doesn’t sound as cool as Raiders of the Lost Ark, "Temple of Doom," or "the Last Crusade." You know what I think it is? That word crystal. It sounds too much like women’s jewelry, and we all know how exciting jewelry is for men.

I want to like this movie, but "Indy IV" (a much better title, by the way) has been so long in development, and comes so many years after "Last Crusade" (which everyone accepted at the time as the natural conclusion to the series) that it comes off as a desperate cash grab. More to the point, it looks like a desperate attempt to re-ignite the fading star of Harrison Ford, who hasn’t put out a better-than-decent film since Clear and Present Danger in 1994. And as cool as the thought of seeing Indiana Jones once more on the big screen is, Ford is 65 years old now. Cue the CGI and stunt doubles.

I really hope not. I want this movie to knock it out of the park. But I fear a better title for this movie may have been "Indiana Jones and the Medicare Drug Benefits of Terror." Now that’s what I call gripping adventure!

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