Change is good

In anticipation of the public release of WordPress 2.3 (the engine that drives this website) this coming Monday, I thought I’d freshen up the look of the place a bit. 

The old MistyLook 1.01 theme was beginning to get a little shopworn, and I didn’t like a lot of the changes that were introduced in the latest version of that template.  So I did a little shopping around. 

This theme is entitled Glorious Future; I’ve tweaked it quite a bit in the past day or so, and will likely continue to do so until Cassia and I are completely pleased with it.  She thinks it’s great, but isn’t quite sold on the whole "author’s picture accompanying each post" part.  Maybe we’ll each pick a symbol representing ourselves and post pictures of those instead.

Coming soon: TAGS!

2 Responses to “Change is good”

  1. I am glad you caught on that posting your pic on a blog isn’t the best thing to do if you are at all concerned about your identity, your safety or that of your family. Perhaps an icon for each of you in lieu of your pic……..

  2. Actually, the primary reason Cassia was iffy on posting a picture of herself online had more to do with self-consciousness about her appearance than anything.

    The pictures we post here are harmless and non-incriminating. Posting pictures of our children allows us to reach all Web-enabled friends and family who are interested in our goings-on. This way, no one needs to feel left out or shunned, whether intentionally or not.

    As with all things related to the Internet, there is some loss of privacy involved whenever names and photos are attached to published ideas. We are not naive about the risks involved with putting ourselves “out there.” However, Cassia and I have established several guidelines about what we will not publish.

    • We will not post our address or telephone number, nor any other unique identifiers such as our Social Security numbers, etc.
    • We will not post personal remarks about individuals that are derogatory or potentially embarrassing in any way. This policy explains why Cassia and I have not blogged about “less effective” experiences with people in our respective Church callings or discussed personal issues with family members in this forum. Many people have no problem airing dirty laundry about themselves or their co-workers, friends, and family. We strongly believe that this use of an Internet blog is inappropriate.
    • All new commentators to the blog must be approved by either Cassia or myself. Our spam filter has caught 73 spam or otherwise inappropriate comments. Our blog is proudly rated “G” in part because of this.

    Blogs (including the content on MySpace and Facebook) have become ubiquitous the world over. This blog in particular has been a wonderful tool for us to keep in touch with friends and family, particularly now that we are so far away from the majority of them. We are committed to safe and responsible behavior here insofar as we have the right to control.

    But we still might remove those goofy pictures if they annoy us too much.

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